Logistics Functional Support Group

Functional Support Groups comprise agencies that perform functions that support response and recovery activities during an emergency, as specified in the State Emergency Management Plan.

Functional Support Groups contribute to the coordination role of the State Emergency Centre (SEC).  A State Controller heads each functional support group.

Functional Support Groups include:

  • Agriculture and Animal Services
  • Ambulance and First Aid
  • Engineering
  • Fire
  • Health and Medical
  • Police
  • State Emergency Service
  • Emergency Relief
  • Public Information
  • Communications
  • Defence Force (SA)
  • Logistics
  • Transport

The State Logistics Functional Support Group (LFSG) has been coordinated by the SA Fire and Emergency Services Commission (SAFECOM) since 1 December 2008.

The LFSG is activated during major emergency incidents, and tasks can include organising equipment, food, fuel, water, shelter etc for affected community members and responding emergency services personnel.

To ensure an effective and efficient 24 hour a day, 365 day a year operation, the Logistics Functional Support Group has established rosters for key positions.

Role of the Logistics Functional Support Group

To facilitate the effective provision of supply and catering services to support emergency services and the SA community during response and recovery operations relating to an identified major incident, major emergency or disaster.

The Logistics Functional Support Group will:

  • coordinate the acquisition and delivery of goods and services as requested by the other State Controllers and/or Functional Support Group representatives;
  • mobilise and coordinate catering services to support affected community members;
  • mobilise and coordinate catering services to support other Functional Support Group personnel engaged in response and recovery operations (normally excluding personnel in Operation/Control/Coordination Centres); and
  • coordinate the provision of bulk supplies of food and other goods to emergency relief and recovery centres.