State Strategic Projects

State Strategic Projects 2020

This grant stream assists the State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) to progress objectives identified in key strategic documents such as the National Disaster Risk Reduction Framework, SEMC’s Strategic Plan (2017-2022), Stronger Together, South Australia’s Disaster Resilience Strategy (2019-24) and the State Strategic Risk Mitigation Plans. Supported initiatives will be strategic in nature, and conducted at a State-level to deliver sustainable benefits across multiple hazards.


Organisation name Project title Description  Total Grant value 
Department of the Premier and Cabinet Near real-time common operating picture for state emergency response, public information and damage assessment Collating critical near-real time information from a number of systems into a single dashboard providing a common strategic common operating picture for emergency response, assisting with development of public information and damage assessment provided for use in the State Emergency Centre (SEC)  $                 258,000
 - Office for Data Analytics
Department of the Premier and Cabinet SA Data Strategy for Emergency Management This proposal seeks to develop a coordinated data strategy to support strategic investment spanning the EM cycle (prevention, preparedness, response and recovery). Currently, data investments are considered only within thematic or organisational silos.   $                 120,000
 - Office for Data Analytics
Department of the
Premier and Cabinet
State Emergency Management Plan (SEMP) Review The SEMP is a key document in the SA EM framework as it articulates the authorising environment including governance and decision making processes, roles and responsibilities for how the State prepares for, responds to and recovers from emergencies.  $                 149,000
  The project will ensure SA’s emergency management arrangements are contemporary and fit for purpose, based on State’s operating context and risk profile. Inadequate governance could lead to reduced outcomes for the community and increased loss of life, property and environment as a result of disasters.
SAFECOM Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) The objective of the AVL project is to deliver Automatic Vehicle Location capabilities, providing significant enhancement to the safety of crews in the event of dangerous fire conditions including those which result in ‘burn over’ situations, and improvements to response and coordination of resources to bushfires, other fires and emergencies across SA. The project will provide AVL tracking on SES and CFS vehicles. Data will be made available for presentation in mapping systems, to assist and support planning.  $                 400,000