2018 Resilient Australia Awards

State WINNER of the 2018 South Australian Resilient Australia Award

Australian Red Cross - People at Risk in Emergencies Framework for SA

The people at risk in emergencies framework for South Australia developed a state-wide approach that outlined how to collectively improve the safety and wellbeing of those most at risk when disasters occurred.

Following a “whole of community approach”, the framework recognises that all sectors of society, especially organisations that provide support to people at risk on a daily basis, can play a critical role in strengthening their preparedness, safety and wellbeing. The framework outlines a preferred way forward for all stakeholders and contains strategies for organisations to incorporate emergency preparedness messaging into their own planning and operations.


State COMMENDED Award in the Community category

Monarto Ag Bureau - Harvest Alert

This project has been recognised for introducing and maintaining infrastructure that monitors the local weather conditions to provide real time alerts to registered users. This information is critical to encourage compliance with the voluntary Harvesting Code of Practice and prevent the likelihood of fire ignition in potentially high-risk weather conditions.

By providing timely, local information, a reduction in harvester related fire incidents has been observed.



State COMMENDED award Government category


Jointly: City of Marion and the City of Onkaparinga - Resilient South Heatwave Hypothetical: Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot.

The objective of this project was to facilitate a discussion and strengthen the network of Councils and agencies as part of the Resilient South initiative.

The joint project has engaged with community members to develop a workshop model that can inform and educate individuals to reduce risks of climate change and heatwave events. Over 250 community members participated in an event designed to encourage active engagement with a wide range of support organisations.


State COMMENDED award in the Government category

City of Port Adelaide Enfield - Community Emergency Management Plan

This projects purpose was to develop a Community Emergency Management Plan to enhance community knowledge and skills to become resilient in an emergency or disaster.

An interactive and informative website has been developed to communicate hazard information and recommends appropriate prevention, preparedness, response and recovery activities for constituents in all risk areas that could affect Council residents.

The extensive information links and sources are easy to use and information is readily accessible for all levels of user comprehension.


State COMMENDED award in the Government category

Jointly: SA State Emergency Service and Local Government Association - SA Risk Management Guide and Council Emergency Management Plan template

In partnership between the LGA and the SA SES, this project developed two key documents to promote and support emergency management in local government.

The SA Emergency Risk Management Guide and complementary template provide information and tools tailored to councils to conduct scenario based, risk assessment workshops and prepare their own local plans.

These documents will be utilised by a project team, initiated by the LGA, who will work collaboratively with councils to identify their priority risks and develop effective plans to manage incidents and emergencies.