Emergency Services Sector Reform

Message from Minister, Emergency Services

'Following feedback from the sector, I realised that the structural reform was a barrier to achieving the object of the reform, which is closer collaboration between the services and efficiencies reinvested in front-line services.

Throughout this process, all stakeholders agreed that some reform was needed but reforms of this nature can only succeed with the support of the people who work in the sector.

Today I have announced that:
- a Commissioner for the sector will not be appointed;
- the proposed structural reforms will be put aside;
- the 13 working groups that have been established will continue. Their purpose will now be to inform the longer-term structural and organisational changes that are required.

There are many opportunities where increased collaboration between the Emergency Services can lead to a better service to the community and more resources for our personnel. Through the working groups, I am certain we can achieve our common goal'.

In light of the announcement by Minister Piccolo on Saturday 16 May 2015, the project reform office will be working closely with Agency Chief Officers, the SAFECOM Chief Executive together with the SAFECOM Board to develop a pathway forward.

We will provide further information as it comes to hand.