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ABC 891 AM


CFS uses Advice messages

ADVICE - A fire has started - there is no immediate danger; general information to keep you up to date with developments.



The use of aircrafts in bushfire situations

The CFS relies on a flexible fleet of aircraft that can be airborne in minutes.

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ASBESTOS is the new home of advice for South Australians concerned about Asbestos in their homes or workplaces.

The website is the outcome of collaboration between SafeWork SA, SA Health, the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), the Local Government Association of South Australia, Housing SA and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI). Each agency plays an important role in managing the risks of exposure and providing information and advice to South Australians about asbestos.

Check out the website for information on health effects, finding and identifying asbestos, how to remove it, what to do with it, and who to call.

For further information about Fire Damage, check the website  here


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Financial assistance to re-fence or rebuild a property

Insurance is the first option. In some cases when a major disaster has been declared, some funding may be available through the State Emergency Relief Funding. Any funding provided is not specifically for fences but is for general use. 

Assistance in cleaning a property after a severe weather event

Make contact with your local council in the first instance. In major disasters volunteers may be provided to help.



Assistance installing a smoke alarm and / or its batteries

If in a rural area, a CFS staff member / volunteer may be able to assist. The caller should contact their local Regional Office or visit their local CFS fire station. 

If the caller is in the metropolitan area, they can try the MFS Community Safety Section.

Alternatively, the caller should speak with their local council as some provide this service or they may be able to refer them to an organisation, which may be able to assist.

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Details of whether an angle grinder can be used on a total fire ban day are available on the CFS website.

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Care of pets and livestock during a bushfire

Refer to CFS fact sheets:

Note: Remind caller that their life is a priority and the above actions should only occur when it is safe to do so. Remind callers that they should not expose themselves to radiant heat or excessive smoke.

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Care of domestic pets during a flood

Refer to SES website:

Alert SA

The Alert SA website brings together social media messages from South Australia's emergency services via Twitter, Facebook and RSS in one place.

Currently social media feeds are sourced from the CFS, SAPOL, SES, MFS and the Bureau of Meteorology.