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Bag - sandbags Bureau of Meteorology Bushfire Action Plan
Fire Bans Bushfire - Actions to take after fire front passes Bushfire Safer Places
Fire Bans - breaches Bushfire - Actions to take when fire front approaches Breathing difficulties (go to S for smoke)
Barbeque (BBQ) Bushfire Survival Plan  


Question: Where can I find/purchase sandbags?

Refer the caller to their Local Council website who may be able to assist. 

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Fire Bans are available on the CFS website.

Fact sheets on fire bans and fire ban districts are also available.

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Question: To whom do I report alleged fire lighting or possible breaches to the Total Fire Ban proclamation?

The SA Fire & Emergency Services Act 2005 deliberately focuses on responsibility sitting with the fire lighter or the person who finds a fire occurring and the powers of officers to take certain actions or make directions to deal with the incident.  The officer attending has the discretion with regard to actions to be undertaken.

In regards to fire lighting or alleged Total Fire Ban breach:
- If the situation is potentially life threatening or the caller actually saw the alleged offence, they need to ring 000 and report it.
- If it is not an emergency the caller needs to call SA Police on 131 444 or contact their local police station. Police stations are listed in the White Pages.

The caller will be asked to report on:
- Where it is happening - nearest cross roads etc.
- What is happening?
- Does the caller know the offender and if so what is their name/address/phone number.
- Description of any vehicles (car rego/make and model/colour etc.
- Any other relevant details.

In regards to a suspected breach of fire restrictions:

Tell the caller that they need to contact their local council and ask to speak to the District Fire Prevention Officer (FPO). It is the local council who issues fire permits. The caller should report the suspected breach and give the address.

The caller should discuss their concerns re their suspicions concerning the breach of fire restrictions. The FPO will check if a permit has been issued and deal with it appropriately.

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Now called Bushfire Survival Plan.




What to do in the event of a bushfire: As fire front approaches, when fire front arrives, after fire front has passed

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Question: Can you help me obtain or complete my Bushfire Survival Plan?

During an incident requests for assistance to complete a Bushfire Survival Plan with the call operator should be declined. It is too late to complete a Bushfire Survival Plan if a bushfire is burning in the local area.

If the caller requires a copy of the Bushfire Survival Plan, these are available to download from the CFS website.

Alternatively, please record details of the person requesting the information and email:

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CFS has developed a hierarchy of places that can offer relative safety from bushfire. They are broken into three categories, and are called Bushfire Safer Settlements, Bushfire Safer Precincts and Last Resort Refuges. It is important that you know what each of these are, where they are, and what risk you may be exposed to if you use one of these options during a bushfire.

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Details on whether a barbeque can be held on total fire ban day is available on the CFS website under What Can I Do / What Can't I Do?.

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Bureau of Meteorology (BoM)

Bureau of Meteorology website.

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