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Messages- Bushfire Messages
MFS- contacting MFS

Bushfire 'Watch and Act' and 'Emergency Warning' Messages

Three levels of messaging have also been developed which will deliver clearer information to help the caller make informed decisions about what actions they need to take to survive a bushfire. They are:

  • Advice - no immediate threat but messages to keep people informed about low level incidents
  • Watch and Act - people need to take action to protect themselves, their family and neighbours
  • Emergency Warning - highest level of risk to life

To read more about these new levels of messages, please visit click the CFS website.
When Emergency Warning messages are played they will continue to be accompanied by the Standard Emergency Warning Signal

Any bushfire messages will be displayed at the CFS website.  They will be indicated by a flag next to the incident - select the flag to read the message. 

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Question: How do I contact the Metropolitan Fire Service?

To report a fire, advise the caller to hang up and call 000 (triple zero).

If you receive a non-urgent call for the Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS), please inform the caller that they should call 08 8204 3600.

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