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Watch and Act Message
Water Storage Tanks


Bushfire 'Advice', 'Watch and Act' and 'Emergency Warning' Messages

There are three levels of message issued for bushfire.

These messages are indicated by a coloured flag next to the incident, select the flag from the CFS Current Incidents page to view the complete message. They are:

  • ADVICE (blue flag) - A fire has started - there is no immediate danger; general information to keep you up to date with developments.
  • WATCH & ACT (yellow flag) - A fire is approaching you, conditions are changing; you need to take action now to protect your life and your family.
  • EMERGENCY WARNING (red flag) - You are in danger and you need to take action immediately. You will be impacted by fire. This message will usually be preceded by the Standard Emergency Warning Signal (SEWS) (click here to listen to the sound).

 Current warnings are available at the CFS website.

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Question: How do I get compensated for water?

As far as compensation is concerned the CFS is allowed to use private water sources to suppress fires as outlined in the Fire & Emergency Services Act and is not obligated to compensate. However a few avenues one can take to seek compensation.

The person can also contact their nearest CFS Regional Office and request that the water supply be replenished or arranged to be replenished. This would normally be done out of good will.

If the person has insurance they can attempt to make a claim based on the current cost of having water trucked into their property.


Water Supplies and Sprinklers

For information relating to property water supply for fire fighting or sprinklers refer to CFS Website.

Question: What is the effect of foam/retardant dropped on my roof on my rainwater?  What do I do about it?

If you have the opportunity ensure to block off inlet from the water tank and wash roof off with clean fresh water.


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Bureau of Meteorology warnings

CFS Bushfire warnings

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