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If the caller sees flames they need to be reminded of the general safety messages, which are:

  • As the front of the fire approaches it will become unsafe to be either on foot or in a car as the heat radiating from the fire will be intense.
  • Residents should avoid being exposed to radiant heat at all costs, and should make use of structures like their homes to shelter as the fire front passes.
  • It is important that all residents protect themselves from radiant heat by wearing the right clothing.
  • Residents should wear clothing made from natural fibre cotton, wool or leather items ensuring to wear a long-sleeved shirts, long pants, sturdy boots and a broad rimmed hat, leather gloves and a tea towel or dusk mask to assist with breathing. On no account should synthetic material be worn.
  • After the fire front has passed, residents should immediately begin to patrol their house looking for embers or areas that are burning and extinguish them as best they can.
  • Emphasise that they can listen for updates on the fire situation on the ABC radio (891), 5AA (1395) or local ABC radio station.