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During a flood you should take the following precautions:

  • Secure your property and valuables.
  • Turn off power sources such as gas and electricity and do not turn anything on again until you are sure it is safe to do so.
  • Have waterproof bags ready to protect clothing and important documents.
  • Never attempt to drive in flood waters. Be aware that roads can become treacherous and impassable due to heavy rains.
  • Obey road closure signs and stick to the main roads.
  • Always follow instructions and directions from local authorities and be ready to evacuate if necessary.
  • Do not camp in creek beds.
  • Never enter flood waters and in particular do not allow children to play in or near them.
  • If caught in the floods put the windows down before entering because if they are electric windows you will have no way of getting out.
  • If stranded stay with your vehicle.
  • If evacuating your home, make sure you lock up and follow recommended evacuation routes for your area. Whether you leave or stay, put sandbags in the toilet bowl and over all laundry/bathroom drain-holes to prevent sewage back-flow.
  • Stay tuned to local radio for current weather advice and warnings.
  • More detailed advice on floods can be found at
  • Weather information can be found at