Wangary Bushfire Recommendations Progress

Significant progress continues to be made in implementing the recommendations. Of the 34 recommendations, 29 are deemed complete with 5 recommendations outstanding, the majority of which require legislative amendment to the Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005

Key initiatives implemented from the recommendations include:

  • The provision of a large capacity fire fighting helicopter based in South Australia during the fire season - details
  • Creation of farm fire unit guidelines and information -available here
  • Introduction of landowner and water liaison officers within CFS Incident Management Teams if required
  • The sourcing of input from landowners/landholders regarding topography, vegetation, existing fire breaks and accessibility by CFS Regional Co-ordinators
  • Endorsement of policies by the State Emergency Management Committee regarding CFS policies and procedures for issuing public warnings for bushfires -information available here
  • Empowerment of the CFS Regional Co-ordinator to undertake the role of Regional Public Warnings Officer and create and deliver public warnings
  • Increasing awareness for citizens to listen for radio announcements relating to bushfire - information available here
  • Establishment of pre-planned level 2 Incident Management Teams in each CFS region
  • Research into the fitting of after market, non-standard mufflers to vehicles used in rural environments
  • Creation of a code of practice for management of native vegetation to reduce the impact of bushfires - available here

The most recent milestone reached has been the formal release of two research reports into farming practices and bushfire risk. To read more click on the links below:

Comments on the findings of the reports can be provided via email to:,