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Actions to be completed for the next bushfire season

Target 1: New trucks, support and equipment for volunteers

  • Fire Truck Safety Retrofit System, CFS vehicles - 49 trucks fitted before this fire season.
  • Accelerated replacement of CFS Heavy Fire trucks - 25 new trucks before this fire season.
  • Provide thermal imaging cameras for each of the 55 CFS Groups.

Target 2: Better protection for our critical assets

  • Undertake disaster risk reduction strategies focussing on protection of critical infrastructure under the $16.7m joint Commonwealth/State disaster resilience and risk reduction package.
  • Commence consultation, review and implementation of previous accepted recommendations.
  • Amend legislation to require State Bushfire Management Committee to report to State Parliament.
  • Commence a review of the State Emergency Management Plan.
  • Implement a new State Bushfire Management Plan.

Target 3: Enhanced Communications and Technology

  • Automatic Vehicle Location solution, real time vehicle tracking during emergencies. Field trials to commence during this bushfire season. Our volunteers will help us decide on the most appropriate solution.
  • Improve speed and accuracy of Rapid Damage Assessment.
  • Create a monitoring system to capture real-time data from a range of systems onto a common picture to assist the State Emergency Centre with decision making during emergencies.
  • Develop a lightning tracking system to assist with early detection and rapid response to lightning ignitions.

Target 4: Improved information before and during bushfires

  • Additional BOM resources to support State Emergency Centre decision makers.
  • Increased investment in Emergency Alert, for improved emergency warnings.
  • Australian Fire Danger Ratings System - towards the latest fire science to better inform the community during extreme fire weather.
  • Provide additional public education on high risk activities during periods of high fire danger.
  • Implement the agreed outcomes of the 2019 Operation Nomad Review.
  • Enhance Alert SA to improve bushfire warnings, grass and bushfires to watchzones.
  • Design space for the ABC emergency broadcaster into the new State Control Centre.
  • Undertake a major overhaul of education programs to refocus messaging that will improve understanding of key information such as the role of places of last resort, hazard reduction application processes, fuel reduction strategies and the importance of bushfire plans.

Other: Institutional and capability improvements

  • Amend legislation to appoint an independent chair of SAFECOM Board.
  • Clarify SAFECOM’s enabling functions and commence consultation on a department model for SAFECOM.

Our Progress - All Short Term Actions are now Complete

Accessing the Report

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