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SA Police and Emergency Service Games


March 31 saw the official launch of the 2010 South Australian Police and Emergency Service (SAPES) Games take place at MFS headquarters. The event signalled the start of the annual sports competition that involves 19 emergency service related organisations who compete in 35 different sports. A total of 1,200 participants are expected to compete and once again volunteers and staff from SAFECOM, MFS, CFS and SES will be represented.

In past years, sector staff and volunteers have been high achievers at the Games taking out several medals with prominence in track and field, triathlon, swimming, cycling, tennis, touch football, volleyball, tenpin bowling, mountain bike riding, rifle shooting and equestrian.

This year's event starts on Friday 30 April 2010 and will run for 10-days. The large number of sports on offer means there is something for everyone. Whether you are interested in individual or team sport events, there are many options open to participants. Those interested in participating in a team event but that have not been able to pull together the required numbers to fill a full team should not despair, the event coordinators are available to help and can place individuals into teams.

Some of the more interesting sports on offer, and popular with participants in previous years, include the tug-of-war and the dragon boat races. Both events still have places available and are fun for all ages and skill levels.

All the details about all the sports on offer, the schedule and how to register can be found in the Games entry book, which is available through our sector representatives:

SAFECOM Trevor Pearce (08) 8463 4060 

Metropolitan Fire Service Paul Fletcher (08) 8204 3601 

State Emergency Service Sue Gage (08) 8633 3811 

Country Fire Service Malim Watts (08) 8463 4294

The South Australian Police and Emergency Service Games website is also full of information.

There is still plenty of time to register and all sector staff and volunteers are encouraged to participate. Registration for the Games close on Friday 16 April 2010.



Event Launch - SAPES Games

Launch of the 2010 SA Police and Emergency Service Games at MFS headquarters

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