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The Board visits the South


Late last month, the SAFECOM Board took the opportunity to visit Adelaide's southern suburbs and tour the newly opened Seaford MFS station as well as the Noarlunga SES Unit and Seaford and Aldinga CFS stations.

The Board meeting was held at the Seaford MFS station and again coincided with SAFECOM's Volunteer and Employer Recognition and Support Program (VERSP) which is designed to recognise employer-supported volunteering within the fire and emergency services sector. The VERSP event was held at the CFS Aldinga station and certificates of appreciation were awarded to 30 employers, including several self employed volunteers.

SAFECOM Chief Executive, David Place gave a presentation outlining the services that SAFECOM and the sector provide and the diversity of the emergency services in the southern metropolitan area.

"The southern metropolitan area is growing rapidly, and responding to weather related incidents as seen recently in the southern suburbs, is only possible with the strong contingent of local SES, Volunteer Marine Rescue (VMR) and CFS volunteers working alongside our MFS staff," he said.

"There has also been some extreme weather experienced interstate, with members of the Noarlunga SES Unit currently deployed to storm ravaged Perth, helping their Western Australian colleagues get through some 1200 outstanding jobs.

"At the same time, the emergency services continue the hard task of road crash rescue response in what has been a devastating period on our roads with CFS and SES volunteers along with the MFS doing a tremendous job."

Local Mayor Lorraine Rosenberg was also in attendance and commended the volunteers in the area saying that so often their work goes unrecognised and without thanks.

"I wholeheartedly thank each and every one of you for the tremendous work that you do for the community," she said.

"Without you, such services could not be provided to the community as the Government could never afford to pay for what you selflessly provide."

Overall, the VERSP event attracted around 80 guests which is a positive sign that more and more employers are recognising the importance and value of the emergency services in our community.

  VERSP award recipients

VERSP award recipients, 25 March 2010
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