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Board Update


Charging for our services

The Board was provided with information about the high level of false alarms and the costs currently recovered for these services. The Board queried whether the costs were enough of a deterrent to make property owners fix faulty alarms. The Board was also provided with information about inconsistencies in charging to attend alarm calls and opportunities for charging for other services. The Board has approved the development of an options paper to consider:

  • consistent charging between the services
  • opportunities to increase charges with reference to other States
  • if other services should be charged for
  • how charges should be administered
  • how the revenue could be distributed.

Cars and log books

The fringe benefits tax (FBT) paid by people using government cars across the sector is currently $530,000. The Board was advised that it can save an estimated $30,000 annually if staff and volunteers fill out log books. The Board has instructed that all car drivers fill out log books to not only save money but also provide more data about how the fleet is used. The Board asked for a report on compliance in three months time.

SES Cultural Climate Assessment

A cultural climate assessment has been conducted at the SES in order to respond to issues raised by staff and volunteers. A verbal response to the report's recommendations was provided by Stuart MacLeod and an action plan for implementing the recommendations was requested by the Board with timelines and KPIs for its May meeting.

Emergency Services Delivery Standards

The Board approved the revised Project Plan for Emergency Services Delivery Standards. Click here to view.

Budget Update

The recent quarterly review of our budget indicates that we are in a good position heading into the end of the current financial year.

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