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A Message from the Chief Executive, David Place

The fire and emergency services sector is facing an unprecedented time of change with a number of reviews, new initiatives and amendments to legislation and policies taking shape. While it presents a challenge to juggle these demands, it also signals a new era and a great opportunity to chart a new way forward in better preparing the community for emergencies.

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New MFS Fire Station at Paradise
From the Board

Update from the July SAFECOM Board Meeting.

Corporate Services
1. Financial performance for 2008/09
2. Non-current asset policy
3. Co-location initiatives
4. Shard Services e-Procurement Strategy

Strategic Services
1. Strategic Thinking Committee
2. Sustainable Budget Commission
3. Policies and Procedures
4. Board Performance
5. Audit and Risk Management Committee

Seamless Integration

Changes to the Fire and Emergency Services Act
An Amendment Bill to the Fire and Emergency Services Act that will help to give greater focus to community preparedness, prevention, response and recovery could be in place as soon as September this year if it is passed during the next sitting of Parliament.

Being Accountable

MFS green building initiatives a world class effort
An unexpected public accolade received at a recent international fire station design conference in the US has seen the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service recognised as a world leader in energy efficient fire station design, with industry professionals nicknaming the MFS standard design the "eco-station".

  Mitcham FloodSafe Crew
Building Partnerships

Volunteers join the fight to raise community awareness
In less than nine months of operation, South
Australia's Community Floodsafe Program has enlisted and trained an enthusiastic team of 33 volunteers who are carrying out community education events throughout the southern metropolitan area.

The CFS recently decided to implement a similar approach, bringing together a team of volunteers to help spread the word about bushfire safety.

Community Resilience

New plan of attack for KI
The new Kangaroo Island Bushfire Risk Management Plan is the first of its kind in South Australia and is a step forward in the management of bushfire risk. The plan has been developed in response to the devastating bushfires of 2007 that destroyed 95,000 hectares of land on Kangaroo Island.

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