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Sector Strategic Planning

In order to work together successfully we need to plan together which is why the Board has asked for our next sector strategic plan to be developed.

This plan will set out what we've agreed to do as a sector (through our individual agency activity, joint activity and Board activity) over what timeframe and will set down the measures we will use to test if we are staying on track and reaching our shared goals.

Representatives from across all agencies recently came together to work on the next stage in developing the new sector strategic plan.

With the scan of the environment and community needs completed during the first session in mind, the second session built on the already agreed emergency service planning framework and its vision, mission, six key focus areas and service delivery and efficiency goals.

The key elements were explored further and goals and strategies reviewed and additional strategies proposed.

The next stage involves developing key performance indicators to ensure we can keep track of the success or otherwise of our strategies and modify them where necessary. We will then have a sector strategic plan for the Board's approval.

All agencies and committees will then align their strategic plans and work plans to fit under this sector plan - so then we will all be working in the same direction towards common goals.

For further information contact a member of the Strategic Thinking Committee which is driving this planning process: Wayne Thorley (chair), David Launder, Roy Thompson, Cathie Brown, Mark Dawson, Sally Woolford, Matt Maywald (and formerly Mick Ayre).
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