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Flexible learning - getting the "magic in the mix"


Bronte Moran, Coordinator Training and Development with SAFECOM, has developed a simple and practical, four-step decision making process that can be used to build a flexible training strategy.

The innovative training strategy was recently featured in the national Training and Development in Australia magazine, published by the Australian Institute of Training and Development.

Bronte says that as a trainer one of the challenges, and opportunities, is to build in the flexibility to shift learning out of the instructor-led environment to the student's environment, and to enable students to learn in a way that works best for them.

The simple and practical, four-step decision-making process which can be used to build a flexible training strategy consists of:

1. Identify the possible learning/teaching methodologies for each topic

2. Identify the possible delivery options for the methodologies

3. Identify the environmental parameters and their impact on the delivery options

4. Provide a flexible training strategy.

While more complex issues for the design of training, such as individual learning styles, still need to be addressed, starting with this practical approach helps the transition to design flexible and learner-centred training strategies.

It assists the trainer to get the "magic in the mix".

Bronte Moran has been developing e-learning and blended training programs for the workplace for 10 years and can be contacted at

120710 Bronte Moran
Bronte Moran


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