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The Information Management project is gearing up and the MFS roll out starts in just three weeks, with a new project co-ordinator on board and a specialist training officer about to join us on the 22 March. We are now currently recruiting two more information management specialists and have received over 29 applications from people keen to be part of this project.

But what about the name of the new system? We are after a name that means something to the sector and our business - a bit more so than 'information management'. Remember the success of the i-snack 2.0 name competition? Well perhaps it wasn't so successful, but it definitely got people talking.

So we're inviting all sector personnel to put on their creative caps and help us come up with a catchy name for the new system. Whether it is an acronym or just a catchy title, we welcome all ideas. The name voted the best will win an i-pod Nano - courtesy of Objective, the software provider.

Email your suggestions to SAFECOM:Records by COB Wednesday 31 March to be in the running to win.
In summary, the benefits of the new system include:

  • making it easier to locate documents
  • facilitating information sharing across the organisation
  • reducing duplication
  • improving version control
  • enhancing business continuity
  • improving remote access
  • creating a more professional and timely approach to providing information to external clients such as the Minister for Emergency Services, other government agencies, the South Australian public, and interstate jurisdictions.

No longer will documents be lost or hours spent searching files, drawers and cupboards.

After some time in the making, and after undertaking a comprehensive pilot program, we're confident about making a difference to the sector, with all agencies to be using the service by November this year. We're about to kick off the project with all the Chief Officers fully supportive of the direction and timeframes.

You'll hear much more about this in the near future, so stay tuned. Maybe on your new i-pod Nano!



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