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Training Update - Looking into the Future


Currently training and development activities within the South Australian fire and emergency services sector are largely managed individually by the CFS, MFS and SES - each a respected registered training organisation. Through the development of the Learning and Development Committee, together each agency has identified a number of cross-sector issues that could be, at least partially, addressed through a unified approach. These issues include:

  • the high workload for volunteer and paid trainers
  • the impact of time and travel on participation in training, and
  • recognition of prior learning or re-accreditation.

In recent months significant milestones have been achieved on the path to a unified training approach. This includes the establishment of a single database for CFS, MFS and SES training records. This facilitates the sharing of data, supports recognition of prior learning across the sector, reduces duplication of training and provides a potential cost saving for the sector.

Other achievements have been:

  • The uploading of information onto the sector Intranet and ESO websites to support learning and development across the sector. This information offers resources for learning generic workplace skills and is accessible to both paid staff and volunteer.
  • Work has commenced towards trialling a self-paced e-learning concept.

The Committee, with the support of the Board, is implementing some short-term actions to achieve immediate benefits. These actions include an audit of current training systems, the development of a 'Trainer's Web Site' to assist local trainers with the sharing of training resources and improved access to cross-sector training where appropriate.

For the medium-term, the Committee will be exploring other potential opportunities, such as using technology to support flexible learning opportunities and cross-sector contracts for outsourced training.

For the long-term, progressing towards a unified cross-sector approach to learning and development will be dependent on further research and the development of a strategic direction for sector learning and development. The Committee is expected to make recommendations to the Board in June this year.

If you would like to make suggestions about the future direction of training and development across the sector, or have feedback regarding the current arrangements, send them by email to

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