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Board Update


Three-year ICT Plan
The Board resolved that the three-year ICT Plan will be progressed through the new Manager ICT once appointed. David Norton advised that a project plan is to be developed with the agencies and that he will be chairing the Steering Committee to drive this work. A project plan with timelines to achieve the ICT plan is due to be presented at the next Board meeting.

Sustainable Budget Commission
Discussion regarding the Board's position on sector opportunities took place. Due to 'Cabinet in Confidence', further detail is unable to be provided at this stage.

Audit & Risk Management Committee
The Board approved the revised the Audit and Risk Management Committee Charter which incorporates the Terms of Reference for the Audit and Risk Management Committee.

Finance Policy - Authorisations
The sector's Financial Authorisation Policy and procurement threshold matrix was also sanctioned.

Lease extensions
The approval of the lease extension for the CFS Murray Bridge regional office was provided subject to negotiating a shorter term lease if possible.

Facilities Management Benchmarking
The review of facility management arrangements currently being conducted by the Facility Management Client Board was noted. The Board approved the proposed way forward including the pilot of a metropolitan site from each agency to benchmark facility management systems and explore options against alternative models. The Board agreed that no other approval is required on this exercise however they requested progress reports as appropriate.

SES Cultural Climate Assessment
The work undertaken by David Norton and Mark Groote leading the SES Cultural Climate Assessment forums was recognised and they were thanked for their efforts and the time spent on this project over the last few months.

MFS Appliance Replacement
The findings from the MFS Appliance Replacement Review were noted and the Board requested recommendations from MFS to further progress the findings.

MFS Angle Park
The Board noted the proposed occupation and use of portion of the MFS Angle Park Training Centre by the Department of Transport Energy and Infrastructure (DTEI) during the construction of the new South Road Superway.

Port Lincoln Emergency Service Precinct Opening
The Board were advised that the opening of the Port Lincoln Emergency Services Precinct will be occurring towards the middle of the year and will involve Minister Michael Wright MP.

The following updates and reports were also notes by the Board:

  • Emergency Services Delivery Standards - Project Update
  • Alert SA Project Status Report
  • SACAD Project Report

The May Board Meeting is scheduled to take place in Kadina, during the Board's visit to the Copper Coast.

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