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Records Management 'Objective' Update


Naming competition

With well over 45 creative entries received from staff across the sector the information management steering committee are facing some tough decisions choosing a winner.
Stay tuned for an announcement within the next edition of COMMent when we will be able to confirm the competition winner, who will be awarded an i-pod Nano plus also announce the name to be given to the sector wide information management system.

Project Status

The Objective project is currently on schedule, with MFS daytime staff, Commanders and District Officers having undertaken their Objective training, now using the system on a daily basis.

SAFECOM staff are next in line for the Objective rollout in May and June and will be undertaking training sessions over the coming weeks. This will be followed by the CFS in July and the SES in October. Meeting requests will be sent to lock in times with those involved.

The Team

On Friday 30 April the sector farewelled information management project manager Martin Barbary. While the recruitment process is undertaken to fill Martin's role, Michael Kavanagh will be managing the Objective rollout.

There are also two new Records Management staff members, Kelli Mitchell and Gary Head, who joined the team on Wednesday 28 April to help ensure that the rollout is complete by mid November 2010.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the project, please contact Donna De Nardi on 8204 1395 or e-mail SAFECOM:Records.


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