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Our sector is about building safer communities. We continue to forge alliances and collaborative partnerships with government, non-government and not-for-profit agencies to ensure that the safety of the community is maintained, minimising the risk of loss to life, property and the environment, not only on the land but also in the vast oceans and other waterways.

Emergency service community projects boosted by funding grants

A number of significant community projects across the sector are set to benefit from a funding boost following the announcement of the 2009/10 EMA National Emergency Volunteer Support Fund grants.

The grants aim to boost the recruitment, retention and training of volunteer organisations at the frontline of emergency management.

The Commonwealth Attorney-General has approved funding for four emergency service projects in South Australia totalling $115, 000.

The four emergency service community projects set to benefit from the grants are:

CFS Community Education - $40,000
The grant will enable seven 'Fiery Women' workshops, each consisting of three sessions, to be conducted around the State. The CFS 'Fiery Women' program aims to target, educate and empower rural women by increasing their bushfire safety skills and encouraging the application of those skills within the CFS.

SES Floodsafe Program Extension - $50,000
The highly successful SES pilot program Community FloodSafe is guaranteed to continue for another year thanks to the grant. The program aims to develop SES Floodsafe volunteer presenters to deliver a community flood awareness and preparedness program for at-risk communities in the northern Adelaide metropolitan area. The grant will allow the program to further expand into at-risk communities in the southern metropolitan area.

SAFECOM Mentoring for Succession Program (for CFS volunteers) - $13,500
A new pilot mentoring program aimed to ensure volunteer officers share knowledge and skills with emerging volunteer leaders in emergency services will be developed and implemented by the SAFECOM Volunteer Strategy and Support Unit in partnership with the CFS.

SES Mount Gambier and District - $11,689
The grant will allow the SES Mt Gambier unit to run a televised advertising campaign to recruit new members and promote the work of the SES in the South-East of the State.

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