Sector Highlights Report

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The following are some of the main points from the August Sector Highlights Report.

Comprehensive briefings on the proposed amendments contained in the Fire and Emergency Services (Review) Amendment Bill 2009 have been conducted with Local Government Association Executive Team members, the SA Regional Organisation of Councils and Executive Officers of the Regional Local Government Associations.

CFS Executive, along with representatives from SAFECOM, the MFS and the SES attended a workshop on graduated warnings facilitated by AFAC in Melbourne on 3-5 August 2009. Over 60 participants were involved in the workshop with the development of a national approach to standard and agreed warnings framework emerging. The new slogan is 'Prepare. Act. Survive'.

Three-hundred-and-fifty SES policies and procedures have now been drafted and are currently out for consultation to relevant stakeholders.

Operational Preparedness, Response and Recovery

All agencies assisted in the opening of the Mount Gambier joint emergency services facility.

All CFS Regions have arranged annual pre-fire danger season training sessions during September and October.

One-hundred and thirty-six SES volunteers have been recruited in the last quarter with 55 regional and unit level training courses completed.

SAFECOM and SES have combined to develop a sector-wide approach to the development of Community Response Teams.

Prevention and Community Preparedness

Preparations for the Safer Community Awards presentation are underway. SAFECOM recently chaired and provided executive officer support to the award selection process.

CFS reported that plans are underway for a formal review of Fire Ban District Boundaries to be conducted in 2010.

The SES has been involved with over 80 community events, including street corner meetings, school visits and sporting events, since January as part of their Floodsafe Community Program.

Business Excellence

SAFECOM has commenced an evaluation of the Performance Development Framework.

All agencies have started preparing and planning for events during Public Sector Week.

The rollout of the CFS Service Medal has commenced with all regions supplied with the medals and clasps for those personnel with 30 years service or above.

CFS reports the availability of TAS (Training Administration System) to volunteers via the internet is estimated to be 99% complete.

The SES Marketing and Communication Plan has been approved by SES Executive and implementation is underway.

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