January 2009 - Page 1


A Message from the Commissioner

David Place - Commissioner for Fire and Emergency Services
Welcome to the new year - and already what a year it has been!

We seemed to have 'jumped' in with our usual gusto and sense of community spirit to ensure that we help South Australians to keep safe during the sector's busiest season of the year.

Already, our agencies have responded to and attended over 3,100 incidents - an average of 100 per day!
  The rapid coordinated responses to the Proper Bay fire and to the recent heat wave are evidence of the seamless integration of our services when responding to incidents.

We continue to form strategic partnerships and alliances to enhance our own services and knowledge as well as to benefit the community.

The partnership we have forged with the Indigenous community of Nepabunna will no doubt result in a win-win situation for our agencies and the community. This partnership has set the scene for the development of a sustainable model in taking emergency management to remote and Indigenous communities.

Additionally, we are continuing to work with a range of State and Commonwealth Government agencies in exchanging knowledge and best practice methodologies to ensure relevance and currency of our skills.

In other areas of our business we are engaged to the full with visiting speakers, attendance at conferences and other forums that facilitate the sharing of information - all creating an environment of learning and development.

We can proudly say that we are a sector that never takes a break and the efficiency with which we seem to respond to and deliver on the challenges we are presented is a strong statement to the passion and dedication of our staff

... and to all of you I say 'thank you'.

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