January 2009 - Page 13




Volunteer Consultation Policy


The signing of the Volunteers' Charters last year signified our commitment to communicating effectively with all our stakeholders. 

This communication will be transparent and plays a vital part in building safer communities by breaking the barriers that restrict the flow of information.

SAFECOM agencies have developed a Volunteer Consultation and Referral Policy that builds upon the commitment agreed to in the South Australian Country Fire Service and the South Australian State Emergency Service Volunteer Charters.

It ensures that SAFECOM and the Emergency Service Organisations will consult with Volunteers about all matters which might reasonably be expected to affect them and to consider their views when approving or adopting new practices or policies.

The policy can be found on the SAFECOM Intranet. http://esointra.esau.sa.gov.au/reference/policies/general.asp

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