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From The Board

  Update from the SAFECOM Board meeting held on Thursday 29th January 2009


Corporate Services

  In addition to the regular monthly corporate reports (Operating and Capital Budget Performance and Human Resource reports) the Board received reports and accepted recommendations regarding the 2009-10 Budget bi-lateral bids, stage three of the Building Replacement Review and analysis of leave liabilities.

1. 2009-10 Budget Bilateral Bids

The 2009-10 budget bilateral bids were developed with significant Board input and financial endorsement. Initial bids were presented at the November 2008 meeting, and refined on the basis of the Board's comments.

The sector has worked in close collaboration, recognising the prevailing economic environment and the pressures that this alone places on the State's finances.

2. Building Replacement Review

The Building Replacement Review was also discussed.

The Review was prompted by the necessity to ensure that the capital funding available to the sector is applied in a manner that delivers maximum value. It identified the building standards necessary for the nature of the services and associated staffing model at each site.

The review indicates that by adopting a standard approach. There are benefits that can enable a greater proportion of building upgrade replacement from the available funding.

The Board supported this approach and the next step is to develop a better understanding of the current condition of each building within the sector, so that our replacement/upgrade program targets the highest priorities.

3. Leave Liability

One of the areas that has been of concern to the Board is the growing leave liability. The Board has established a quarterly reporting system and was very pleased that the results from the December quarter indicate that action has been taken to reduce the liability and that plans are in place across the sector for the ongoing management of leave.

The target is to reduce the outstanding balances to a manageable level, which is in the order of a maximum of 20 days per full-time employee.

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