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Volunteers (cont.)


Stuart Lambert - Emergency Service Medal

Stuart Lambert - having fun at an SES exercise

Stuart has dedicated 30 years to the SASES with the Barmera Unit.

During this time he has filled many roles within the Unit including Unit Manager, leading, mentoring and training members of the Unit to meet their response capabilities.

Over recent years Stuart has dedicated an extraordinary amount of time and effort into forwarding the Road Crash Rescue (RCR) training delivered to SES volunteers across South Australia, going beyond the normal duties of a volunteer.  He has championed RCR training, encouraging the State to increase its focus and up-date training materials, practices and procedures.  Stuart's passion in this area of training and an ethic of providing the best response has seen him give up many weekends.  He also travels around the State, delivering the latest in RCR techniques and training to SES volunteers.

Stuart has been a key figure in uniting SES units across the Riverland.  With the introduction of centralised funding (via the community emergency service levy) and the break from traditional local government ties, he took the opportunity to consolidate the Riverland Units.  Promoting a community-wide focus, he encouraged the surrounding Units to form a Unit Managers forum, to discuss issues common across all SES Units, equipment and training standards, creating a forum where volunteers could provide advice to staff and SES management. 

This forum has successfully championed many new initiatives within SES and is now the basis for a new state-wide initiative to create volunteer advisory committees at regional levels, to allow greater local ownership and direction of SES between senior volunteers and local staff.

Stuart is a passionate and dedicated volunteer who also gives his time and the benefit of his experience to numerous state committees, including but not limited to, vehicle and equipments committees and a variety of Subject Matter Advisor Groups .



Daniel Schulz - South Australian Young Citizen of the Year

Daniel Schulz - Photo courtesy of Riverland Weekly

Daniel, 17, received the honour in recognition of his extensive volunteer work with organisations and events in Loxton and across the Riverland Region including the Loxton State Emergency Service and the Riverland Food and Wine Festival.

Danny Wood Loxton SES Unit Manager said "Daniel is a diligent and committed team member, whose positive attitude is a motivator to those he works along side".

In his duties with the SES Daniel is prepared to take on responsibility and is a keen ambassador for youth volunteering with the SES, which saw him participate as a youth ambassador for SES at the 2008 Riverland Field Days Careers expo.

Despite his youth, Daniel is also prepared to suggest alternative or new ideas to help his fellow team mates in training.

He has a strong sense of community and is a keen and committed hard worker in many areas of his local community.

Daniel's contributions to the SES have created a positive profile for the Loxton SES and shows him as a positive role model for young people who are interested in volunteering in their community.


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