Local Emergency Management Arrangements

Increasing involvement and awareness of local communities in emergency management is a critical step in improving national preparedness for emergencies and disasters of all types. All levels of government, households, businesses and volunteer organisations all have a part to play in emergency prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.

 Zone Emergency Management Committee

A Zone Emergency Management Committee (ZEMC) is established for each of the South Australia Local Government Regions. The State Emergency Management Plan requires that each Zone Emergency Management Committee develop a Zone Emergency Management Plan. Each ZEMC is also responsible for the maintenance and oversight of planning roles. 

The Zone Emergency Centre (ZEC) is the operational arm that deals with response and relief and commences the transition to recovery.  A Zone Recovery Committee (ZRC), when formed, will deal with recovery from the incident.

The Administrative Guidelines for Zone Emergency Management Committees explains in more detail the role and composition of Zone Emergency Management Committees. For a copy of the Guidelines click here

Local Government

Local Government has a critically important role in disaster risk reduction and mitigation strategies and measures as they are best placed to determine local risks and needs. Whilst local government is not the lead agency to respond to any emergencies, it has a key support role for a range of emergencies such as bushfires, floods, severe storms and potentially Pandemic Influenza.

In supporting communities to recovery from emergencies, Local Government has an important role in planning and preparing for emergencies, and in undertaking activities to reduce the effects of emergencies on local communities.

Natural Disaster Resilience Program

Funding to assist Councils to develop Emergency Risk Management Plans, and progress risk treatment programs is available through the Natural Disaster Resilience Program