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The 2015-18 National Partnership Agreement (NPA) on Natural Disaster Resilience provided funds for the SA Natural Disaster Resilience Program (NDRP). The associated SA Implementation Plan identifies priority funding areas for South Australia.

Key Principles of the Natural Disaster Resilience Program include:

  • public value
  • shared responsibility
  • collaboration across sectors
  • capability development
  • sustainability

The Natural Disaster Resilience Program supports projects that have:

  • primary regard for the public interest;
  • key benefits being the improvement of emergency management capability and/or community resilience; and
  • consistency with the national resilience agenda.

In South Australia, the State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) has oversight of emergency prevention, preparedness, response and recovery activities. SEMC has identified five themes within its Strategic Framework 2017-22 and collaborates with a broad range of stakeholders to prioritise and monitor tasks that will deliver this intent. These tasks are articulated in the SEMC Strategic Plan. NDRP applications that align with the SEMC Strategic Plan are encouraged.

The following documents further articulate NDRP priorities.

National Strategy for Disaster Resilience

The National Strategy for Disaster Resilience. was endorsed by the Council of Australian Governments in February 2011. The purpose of the Strategy is to provide high-level guidance on disaster management to federal, state and local governments, business and community leaders and the not-for-profit sector.

Examples of projects being undertaken throughout Australia that support the National Strategy can be found in the National Strategy for Disaster Resilience Companion Booklet and the 2015 Progress to Date Report.

National Strategy for Disaster Resilience - Handbook 6 - Community Engagement Framework

This nationally agreed Framework provides guidance for effective community engagement across the emergency management sector. While acknowledging there is no one-size-fits-all approach and that each community is different as is the context for engaging them, the Framework outlines the process of stakeholders working together to build resilience through collaborative action, shared capacity building and the development off strong relationships built on mutual trust and respect. Projects that utilise this Framework will be highly regarded.

National Action Plan for the Attraction, Support and Retention of Emergency Management Volunteers

The National Action Plan was revised and re-endorsed by the Ministerial Council for Police and Emergency Management in 2012. The Plan proposes 11 national actions to enhance volunteer attraction, support and retention. Whilst these actions relate to the national level, they may also be useful in guiding state and agency based planning.

NDRP Projects Approved in previous years are listed below by category

2015-17 Approved Projects

2014-15 Media Release

2014-15 Volunteer projects

2014-15 All Hazards projects

2013-15 Strategic projects

2013-14 Media Release

2013-14 Volunteer projects

2013-14 All Hazards projects


NDRP Approved 2009-13 Projects

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For further information

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