Prevention and Preparedness

Hazard Leaders

The State Emergency Management Committee has identified nine key hazards in South Australia and assigned Hazard Leader agencies to each of these hazards to lead a multi-agency approach to risk mitigation. The identified hazards and assigned Hazard Leader organisations are:

  • Animal and Plant Disease (Primary Industries and Regions South Australia)
  • Bushfire (Country Fire Service)
  • Earthquake (Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure)
  • Escape of Hazardous Materials (Safework SA)
  • Extreme Weather (State Emergency Service)
  • Flood (Department for Environment and Water)
  • Human Disease (Department of Health and Wellbeing)
  • Power Outage (SA Police)
  • Urban Fire (Metropolitan Fire Service)
  • Terrorism (SA Police)

A hazard leader organisation is the agency which, because of its legislative responsibility or specialized knowledge, expertise and resources undertakes a leadership role for planning emergency management activities pertaining to the prevention of, preparedness for, response to and recovery from a specific hazard.

Hazard leaders have conducted an assessment of their respective risks at a State level. An overview of State risk is published as the 2014 South Australian Emergency Risk Assessment.

The hazard leader leads a multi-agency approach to planning for the identified hazard. The Hazard Leader also must ensure that appropriate processes are in place for Functional Services and Control Agencies to gather information about potential incidents.

The Hazard Leader reports to the State Emergency Management Committee through the State Mitigation Advisory Group.

Functional Services 

The State Emergency Management Plan Part 2 - Arrangements identifies the following Functional Support Groups that perform functional roles that support response and recovery activities during (and after) an emergency. The Functional Support Groups as listed below are supported by a number of participating government and non-government agencies.

  • Agriculture and Animal Services (PIRSA)
  • Ambulance and First Aid (SA Ambulance)
  • Engineering (SA Water)
  • Fire (MFS and CFS)
  • Health and Medical (Department of Health)
  • Police (SA Police)
  • State Emergency Service (SES)
  • Emergency Relief (Housing SA)
  • Public Information (SA Police)
  • Communications (SA Police- Communications Department)
  • Defence (Australian Defence Force)
  • Logistics (SAFECOM)
  • Transport ( DPTI)

The State Response Advisory Group provides an assurance role for ensuring that each Functional Service has developed a Functional Service Plan that is updated at least annually and subject to review by the State Emergency Management Committee. At all times, the Functional Service and participating agencies must be ready to respond at the request of the Control Agency or the Coordinating Agency.