2010 Australian Safer Communities Awards - SA winning entries

2010 State Winners

SA State Emergency Service, SA Health, Dept for Families and Communities and Bureau of Meteorology - Extreme Heat Response

The collaboration between these agencies focussed on the use of research based information and strategic management of information to inform organisations responsible for community services at times of Extreme Heat. This collaboration addressed cross-agency communication, cooperation and coordination issues to maximise the impact of collective resources beyond what any individual agency could achieve on its own and ensure no group of individuals is overlooked.

SANTOS and SA Police - Exercise Pilatus

Over an 18 months period, a trilogy of exercises was conducted at Moomba, designed to test response to a suspected terrorist incident in a remote location and in extreme weather conditions. This brought together a large and diverse group of private and public sector and more than 200 people to practice existing procedures, determine best practice and identify opportunities for innovation and effective interaction.

Mr Steven Holmes - Patient Delay Project

A one hour interactive information session outlines how to recognise heart attack symptoms and reinforces the need to dial 000 to seek immediate assistance. Mr Holmes has personally presented this information to more than 6400 participants, many of whom have acted on this information and avoided significant long term health issues. This award recognises the difference that can be made through the vision, drive and determination of a single individual.

2010 Highly Commended

Cummins Emergency Ready Committee - Cummins Emergency Ready Project

This community driven committee provides education and an emergency management functions including conducting a number of local emergency exercises and providing crucial information to the community before, during and after emergency events. This ongoing collaboration significantly enhances the effectiveness of local resources to manage all manner of emergency events as they arise.

Flinders University Centre for Disaster Resilience & Health - Staying safe and healthy at Adelaide Schoolies Festival

A broad ranging project team considered the effectiveness of current mass gathering event education programs and venue organisation and procedures with respect to the impact on the safety of youth participants. The findings have national applicability and have influenced a number of changes to pre-event education seminars and practices within the event venue to create a safety environment for young people and reduce the impact on other support agencies.

Dept for Environment and Natural Resources, Coorong Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth (CLLMM) Project, Communications and Community Engagement Team - CLLMM Drought Response

The Communications and Community Engagement Team have significantly contributed to the success of the overall CLLMM Project by developing a Communications and Community Engagement Plan and pro-actively engaging the community to embrace and assist the implementation of wide-ranging initiatives that focus on achieving a level of recovery in the future.

2010 Commended

Royal District Nursing Service of SA Inc - Heatwave Response

During the first 2009 heat wave, RDNS recognised a need and undertook additional community visits, making more than 2000 additional phone calls to ensure their clients were safe. After the event RDNS aligned its strategies with Government and other agencies, establishing a register of vulnerable clients, an early warning system and clear client management procedures are now in place as part of daily business during heat waves.