2011 Australian Safer Communities Awards - SA winning entries

2011 State Winner and 2011 National Highly Commended

SA Country Fire Service - Firey Women

This initiative invites women throughout the State to complete a nationally accredited unit of the Public Safety training package that addresses preparing a Bushfire Survival Plan, practical bushfire planning skills, understanding warnings and danger ratings, as well as emotional preparedness for bushfire events. This project was further recognised with a 2011 National Highly Commended Award.

2011 Highly Commended

Adelaide City Council - Desktop Emergency Exercise

This desktop exercise resulted in clear definition of Council's role in emergency incidents, identified potential duplication with other service providers and enabled the refinement of procedures that optimise the effectiveness of all agencies with respect to their emergency management capability.

SA Ambulance Service - Automatical Vehicle and Case Tracking

Development and implementation of a customised Vehicle and Case tracking system that provides near real time information on vehicles, crews, crew status and all live cases on Google map with lines joining cases to responding crews, improving response efficiencies and resource utilisation.

Department for Water - Riverbank Collapse Hazard

Establishment and implementation of a Hazard Governance Framework, Hazard and Emergency Response Plans and Communications Strategy to increase the level of understanding and management of this risk among key stakeholders.

SA State Emergency Service - Working in the River Murray 2010-11

Stepping outside of their traditional response commitments the SES instigated cooperative working relationships between a broad range of organisational and community stakeholders to minimise the impact of predicted high river flows, resulting in no calls being received for emergency assistance throughout this event.

2011 Commended

SA Ambulance Service - Beachport Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Significant community engagement in this initiative successfully links both SAAS and the community to their common goal of community resilience, enabling the community to sustain a capacity to look after itself in the first instance, and manage more serious incidents in the crucial minutes before additional SAAS support can be provided from further afield.

State Recovery Office - Keeping Safe In Emergencies Guide

Development and distribution of an easy instruction guide in flip chart format, to keep on the fridge in easy reach and readily available should an emergency arise. This project specifically targeted identified vulnerable people within the community.