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SA Emergency Service Organisations                              Return To Top  

South Australian Country Fire Service
South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service
South Australian State Emergency Service
SA Police  
South Australian Ambulance Service  

Australasian Fire and Emergency Services                      Return To Top




ACT Fire Brigade
State Emergency Service 
ACT Emergency Service Agency
ACT Rural Fire Service


NSW Fire Brigades
NSW Rural Fire Service (NSWRFS)
NSW Office for Emergency Service


Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service
Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services


Queensland Rural Fire Service (QRFS)
Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS)
Emergency Management Queensland


Tasmania Fire Service
Department of Police and Emergency Management
State Emergency Service


Fire and Emergency Services Authority of WA (FESA)


Country Fire Authority (CFA)
Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board (MFESB)
State Emergency Service
Emergency Management Victoria


National Rural Fire Authority (NZ)
New Zealand Fire Service

Emergency Service Volunteer Organisations                  Return To Top

Country Fire Service Volunteers Association
SES Volunteers Association
SA Country Fire Services Promotion Unit

Emergency and Voluntary Services (South Australia)    Return To Top

Australian Red Cross   
Salvation Army  
St John Ambulance 
Wireless Institute Citizens Emergency Network   
Salvation Army Emergency Service

Emergency Management                                                   Return To Top 

Emergency Management Australia  
Dept of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation  Local councils 
Service SA 
Disaster Mitigation program
Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements

Community Resilience                                                        Return To Top

Hyogo Framework for Action 2005-2015: Building the resilience of nations and communities to disasters (HFA)
Community Resilience UK: Supporting the public in an emergency 
Increasing community resilience to bushfire - implications from a north Queensland community case study
Community Resilience Manual A resource for rural recovery and renewal (Canada). 
Improving Community Resilience to extreme weather events
Community Resilience: Integrating Hazard Management and Community Engagement
Promoting Community Resilience In Disasters: The role for schools, youth, and families


Legislation                                                                           Return To Top

Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005   
Fire and Emergency Services Regulations 
SA State Legislation Index 

Other useful links                                                                Return To Top

Department of Environment and Heritage
South Australia Computer Aided Dispatch
SA Water
Emergency Services Levy
Bushfire Summit 2003
Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authorities Council (AFAC)
Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre
Fire Protect Association Australia
Bureau of Meterology 
Native Vegetation Code of Practice 
Alert SA
Emergency Alert
Zero Tolerance