State Water Safety Plan

The State Water Safety Plan (The Plan) 2013-2015 provides a framework for ongoing and coordinated commitment to water safety in South Australia.  It is informed by and is consistent with the goals in the National Plan and supports the aim for a 50% reduction in drowning deaths by the year 2020.

Vision - to have safe environments and safe people

Mission - to reduce the risk of drowning deaths, near drowning's and injures from water-related incidents through:

  • Increased water-safety skills and awareness in communities
  • Public and private environments that are designed and managed to minimise risks
  • Coordination and resource sharing by relevant government and non-government stakeholders, and the delivery of high quality water safety initiatives

This is the front page of the State Water Safety Plan

Download the State Water Safety Plan 2013-2015 Here

Key Priority Result Areas (KRA's) and Implementation of The Plan

Identified are three Key Priority Result Areas (KRA's) and nine goals.  The Plan has identified strategies and actions in each KRA and these help guide industry initiatives. 

A workshop was held by the SAWSC in March 2013 to formulate a work strategy and review priorities based on current risk profiles and a gap analysis to include in a working plan.

Priority Area One – Taking a Life Stages Approach

 Key result area one, target life stages approach, Children zero to fourteen  Key result area one, target life stages approach, young people fifteen to twenty four    Key result area one, taking life stages approach, over fifty five

Priority Area Two – Targeting High Risk Locations

key result area two, locations, aquatic industry  key result area two, locations,inland waterways  key result area two, locations surf beaches

Priority Area Three – Focussing on Key Drowning Challenges

key result area three, key challenges,alcohol and drugs  kery result area three, key challenges, high population  key result area three, key challenges,recreational activities