Logistics Functional Support Group

The Logistics Functional Support Group (LFSG) contributes to the coordination role of the State Emergency Centre (SEC) by supporting response and recovery operations during emergencies, as outlined in the State Emergency Management Plan.

The LFSG capability, coordinated by SAFECOM, facilitates the effective provision of supplies and services to emergency management agencies and SA communities during and after major emergencies or disasters.

To ensure an effective and efficient 24 hour a day, year round operation, rosters are established for key positions. SAFECOM also employs a dedicated LFSG Coordinator to maintain operational readiness including the recruitment and regular training of individuals from participating SA Government agencies.

When the LFSG is activated, the On-Call LFSG Manager is supported by the LFSG Coordinator and volunteers:

Tasks can include organising equipment, food, fuel, water, transport or accommodation for affected community members and responding emergency personnel.

Join the LFSG

If you are a SA Government employee interested in being part of the LFSG, please complete this form and send it to: SAFECOM.LogisticsSCC@sa.gov.au. For further information contact the LFSG Coordinator on 8115 3930.

For more information read the Frequently Asked Questions.