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Disaster Risk Reduction Grants

Stream 1 of the 2023-24 Disaster Risk Reduction Grants are now open.


The 2023-24 Disaster Risk Reduction Grants will focus on two eligible activity streams:

  • Stream 1: Aboriginal disaster risk reduction projects (opening 18 September 2023)
  • Stream 2: Short duration (3-9 months) disaster risk reduction projects (opening mid-October 2023)


Stream 1: Aboriginal disaster risk reduction initiatives that support enhanced disaster preparedness, response and recovery for Aboriginal individuals, communities, or businesses. For example:

  • improving community engagement/communication protocols, to recognise and integrate traditional knowledge and practices into disaster management planning.
  • ensuring effective disaster management and resilience for Aboriginal  communities with a focus on flood mitigation, community engagement and vulnerability assessment.
  • understanding and improving Aboriginal involvement, input and investment in building community-led disaster resilience.
  • enhancing cultural heritage preservation in areas at risk of being affected (whether directly or indirectly) by a future natural hazard.
  • strategies to preserve or apply traditional ecological knowledge to land management practices.


  • Applications are not limited to the examples listed above.
  • It is essential that applicant’s are / or partner with Aboriginal businesses or Aboriginal communities/representatives.
  • Projects should be designed to start from January 2024 and must be completed by no later than March 2025.

Useful Stream 1 links:


The National Disaster Risk Reduction Framework is the main guiding document for the grants program.  

In addition to the National Disaster Risk Reduction Framework, priority will be given to projects that demonstrate alignment or consideration of the following:

Additional funding conditions

  • Initiatives must demonstrate alignment to priority outcomes of the National Disaster Risk Reduction Framework.
  • Projects may be fully funded through grant funds (cash) however applicants must demonstrate a minimum cash or in-kind contribution to support the project (as per the Co-contribution Requirements listed in the stream guidelines).

Activities considered ineligible for funding are those that:

  • reimburse works/measures already undertaken before an application has been lodged.
  • duplicate existing activities or responsibility, unless the submission is to develop or pilot a new initiative or scale up a model that has proven to be successful.
  • support recovery initiatives/activities that would ordinarily be eligible for support under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements 2018.  This includes restoration or reconstruction of roads and reinstatement of infrastructure affected by an emergency event.
  • purchase localised or ad hoc equipment, for example Farm Fire Units, sprinkler systems, and/or emergency vehicles/trailers.
  • are already fully funded by other means and will not achieve additional outcomes.

For further information about either stream, please contact the SAFECOM Grants Team on (08) 8115 3927 or email: