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Disaster Risk Reduction Grants

Applications are closed for the 2021-22 Disaster Risk Reduction Grants Program


The 2022-23 Disaster Risk Reduction Grants Program round will be announced soon.

Applicant Guidelines

The National Disaster Risk Reduction Framework is the main guiding document for the grants program.  

All expressions of interests must demonstrate alignment to one or more of the priorities identified in the Framework. 

In addition to the National Disaster Risk Reduction Framework, priority will be given to projects that demonstrate alignment to the following:

All types of organisations including community groups can apply. Cross-agency and cross-sector partnerships and collaborations are encouraged.

For examples of recently funded projects click here.


Conditions of Funding

  • Initiatives must demonstrate alignment to priority outcomes of the National Disaster Risk Reduction Framework
  • Minimum grant funding allocation is $50,000 and there is no set maximum
  • Applicants will be required to demonstrate cash or in-kind contribution to support the project (please see table below for contribution requirements)
  • Funding can run over multiple years

An application is considered ineligible if it:

  • Reimburses works and measures already undertaken
  • Duplicates, reimburses or off-sets the cost of tasks that are part of the applicant’s or other organisation’s pre-existing core function, business or responsibility, unless the submission is to develop or pilot a new initiative
  • Remediates, restores or reconstructs roads and other infrastructure to pre-existing standard
  • Undertakes measures that are part of normal land management responsibilities
  • Undertakes ongoing maintenance of existing works, functions or measures; or
  • Delivers commercial advantage.

Additional considerations:

  • Recent project performance/compliance will be taken into consideration when assessing new applications.
  • Projects must demonstrate public value thinking that puts citizens at the centre of program and service design and delivery 
  • Proposals that utilise and/or develop partnerships between relevant government, business, non-government, communities and/or individuals to deliver sustainable benefits across geographic areas; and demonstrate effective governance structures to support the delivery of project outputs will be favourably considered.

Co-contribution Requirements*




Grant Funded


Grant recipient 


(cash and/or in-kind)

State Government


Up to 70%

At least 30%

Local Government


Up to 80%

At least 20%


– for profit entities / businesses

Up to 70%

At least 30%

Non-government/ Not-For-Profit

(i.e. charities / volunteer groups)

Up to 95%

At least 5%

*Percentage of the total cost of the project.


For further information please contact the Program Administrator on (08) 8115 3929 or